My name is Colman Nady and I'm writing children's picture books. I'll probably end up publishing these books myself, so I created C. Jean Books to help me do that. Fun fact: Jean is my middle name!


Book Titles

Connie's Long Way Home

A beautifully illustrated children's picture book about a mule named Connie and her good friend Burt, an old-timey prospector. One day lots of bad things happen on their way home and poor Connie feels like it's all her fault. Burt helps Connie see that it's not all her fault and she shouldn't feel so bad. In fact, in some ways, she should feel like a hero! Read more about this book.

Educational Software

Connie and Burt, from Connie's Long Way Home, are just a couple of an ensemble of characters I've created for a small library of children's books to be made available in an educational mobile app I am developing. Each early reader title within the mobile app will be a springboard to adventures in full-fledged picture books, such as Connie's Long Way Home, outside the app. Two early reader manuscripts have already been written and a third is on the way!