Connie's Long Way Home

Connie the mule and Burt the old-timer love hiking, camping, and prospecting in the mountains.

One day lots of bad things happen on their way back into town, and poor Connie thinks it's all her fault. But her good friend Burt helps her see otherwise. In fact she's practically a hero!

One of the things I’ve observed as a parent is that a little kid’s world is kind of small in a way that they often think whenever something bad happens that it’s somehow because of something they did. They either get really upset over little things, or feel guilty for things they’re not responsible for. They shouldn't have to feel this way, and that’s what Connie's Long Way Home is about.

Michelle Lockamy

I was lucky to connect with Michelle Lockamy, the amazing digital illustrator bringing Connie's Long Way Home to life for me. She loves "making fun, intricate art – with bubbles, leaves, and all kinds of glowing stuff." Please check out her other great work at

Pam Glauber

I haven't attempted to write anything significant for many years. I am grateful industry veteran Pam Glauber is willing to give me her insightful editorial feedback and, quite frankly, the confidence to continue with this endeavor.

Coming Soon

Connie and Burt are just a couple of an ensemble of characters I've created for a small library of children's books to be made available in an educational mobile app I am also developing. Each early reader title within the mobile app will be a springboard to adventures in full-fledged picture books such as Connie's Long Way Home outside the app. Two early reader manuscripts have already been written and a third is on the way!